The bank of the future, now

The bank of
the future, now.


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What will the banking of the future look like?


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At Openbank we ask ourselves this question all the time. That's why we look for and create new solutions that are useful for our customers, bringing value to them with our products and services.

We all agree that the future of banking is digital, whether it's for day-to-day transactions such as transfers, direct debits or investing.

We envision a future in which a customer can use their mobile phone to take out a mortgage on their new home and can get an instant investment strategy tailored to their profile.

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We believe that in the future we'll be able to pay with different devices, from a mobile phone to a sports wristband.
In the future, our children will also learn how to use their mobile phones to manage their own money and will have more financial knowledge.


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Can you imagine? More than 1 million Openbank customers already enjoy this future using the website and app in their daily lifes.

We've imagined the future of banking and created it to keep innovating.

Openbank. The bank of the future, now.