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 Pay by direct debit your main receipts

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Promotional code: RECIBOS10

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Register your bills with Openbank

About the promotion

Get back 10%* of the bills your pay from your Openbank account for three months after you register for the promotion.

​​​​​​​How can you participate in the promotion?

It's very easy:

  1. Register any of your monthly or bimonthly bills.

    If you would like us to arrange for your bills to be transferred, download your application for bill registration, following the steps   indicated and we will do so completely free of charge.
  2. Click on “Join the promotion” and enter code RECIBOS10 before 30 April 2018.

If you aren't yet a customer:

Open your Current Account here or call us on 911 773 337 to join Openbank and take part in this promotion.

Take into account that:

  • You will receive your reward in the three months following the month of registration for the promotion. For example, if your register in February, the cashback on your bills will be paid in March, April and May.
  • To qualify for the promotion you must be the main account holder.
  • Bills must be monthly or bimonthly.

*The maximum cashback amount per customer and account is €30

The cashback is a cash capital yield subject to a withholding of 19% that will be applied by the Bank and the remaining sum will be credited to the customer. The customer will declare the capital yield in their personal income tax as savings, deducting the withholding applied.

Promotional code:
Validity date of the promotion:
From 15 January 2018 to 30 April 2018
Credit date:

August 2018

Conditions of the promotion: