Samsung Galaxy Watch

When you pay
​​​​​​​with Samsung Pay

Promotion Samsung

You can win a Samsung Galaxy Watch

Promotional code: SAMSUNG18

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What’s the promotion?

Now you can win a Samsung Galaxy Watch when you shop with Samsung Pay or Samsung Pay On Watch.  

How can you win your prize?


  • Join the promotion with the code SAMSUNG18 before 28 June 2019 (inclusively).
  • Download the latest update of the Samsung Pay app to your mobile (version 3.6.47).
  • Enter your Openbank cards as a payment method¹.
  • Get a share in the prize draw for every purchase you make between 12 April and 28 June 2019 (inclusively) through Samsung Pay or Samsung Pay On Watch.

If you have already upgraded to the new version and have re-introduced your cards, all you have to do is join the promotion by 28 June 2019 (inclusively) and for every purchase you make between 12 April and 28 June, 2019 (inclusively), you get a share in the prize draw.

The more purchases you make, the more chances you have to win!

What criteria must I meet to be able to take part?

  • Be an Openbank customer as of 28 June 2019 (inclusively).
  • You must be an individual, and over 18 years old.
  • You must be the holder of an Current Account that is operationally ‘Active’.
  • All purchases made through Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay On Watch, registered in the Openbank systems during the promotion period, will count.

Please note that:

  • Only one prize will be awarded per customer, no matter if they hold more than one card.
  • The prize represents a capital gain in kind subject to tax payment on account of 19%, which will be carried out by the Bank in accordance with the current tax regulations. This interim payment will not be passed on to the customer. In the general tax base of their personal income tax, the Customer must declare the market value of the gift received plus the tax payment on account not passed on. Once the incentive is delivered to the clients, the corresponding VAT will accrue. However, Openbank will not pass on the accrued VAT fee to the clients; rather, it will be deposited and effectively borne by Openbank. If the clients wish to receive an invoice for the good received, they must request it from Openbank by phone at 91 177 33 10 or by email at


¹ If you have already entered your Openbank cards in Samsung Pay you must update them. To do so, select the cards that have a blue icon above them. Click on “Update Card” and register your card again with Samsung Pay. Do this by scanning your card, entering the data manually or placing your card near your NFC-enabled mobile. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be asked for a confirmation by SMS to complete the process.

Promotional code:
Validity date of the promotion:
From 12 April 2019 to 28 June 2019
Prize draw date:

16 July 2019

Promotion terms and conditions: