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What’s the promotion?

Free trial until the end of the year1 of We invest for you, our new automated investment service: Robo-Advisor

What is We invest for you?

It's a new way to invest without needing an expert. You can create an investment strategy according to your investment profile with the help of our professionals. The service automatically adjusts your investments, regularly adapting to changes in the market2. To find out more, click here

How can I apply for the We invest for you service?

Find out your investor profile by taking the Suitability Test here and you can enjoy this service for free until 31 January 2019. As of February 2019, the following rates will apply:

  • 0.85% up to €25,000
  • 0.65% from €25,001 to €100,000
  • 0.55 % for more than €100.000

For example, for an investment of €20,000, the fee would be €14.17 per month. The balance of your investment is automatically readjusted on a regular basis, so fees are also calculated according to the total amount of investment.

Please note that the minimum initial investment is €500.

Do you need more information?

Contact one of our professionals, from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm on 91 177 33 16.

​​​​​​​1The promotion consists solely of the exemption from payment of management service fees accrued to Openbank but does not include all other fees, costs and expenses associated with each of the Funds in the discretionary management portfolio and any other fees or commissions which arise as a result of your contractual relationship with Openbank.

Any investment in the financial markets is subject to market changes and certain risks, including the risk of the loss of the principal invested and/or a lack of return.

Does not include VAT.

Validity date of the promotion:
From 17 September 2018 to 31 January 2019
Promotion terms and conditions: