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Invest in the stock market with better conditions

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Invest in the stock market with better conditions

Promotional code: VALORES18

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This indicator refers to both the securities account and the securities themselves.


What's the promotion?

With this promotion you will enjoy better conditions when trading on the stock market, in both Spanish and foreign markets.

What advantages does it have?

Enjoy these fees for your trading operations on the stock market:

  • Transactions in Spanish markets:
    • Up to €25,000: €7 per transaction.
    • Over €25,000: 0.09% on the cash amount.
  • Transactions in foreign markets:
    • Up to €25,000: €20 per transaction.
    • Over €25,000: 0.20% on the cash amount.

What's more, there are no custody or administration fees in either Spanish or foreign markets. The other fees will be those shown in the prospectus of maximum fees in stock market transactions and services in force at any time and available on our website.

How can you join the promotion?

Click on “Join the promotion” and enter the code VALORES18 before 14 September 2018. If you prefer, you can also apply to join by calling (+34) 91 177 33 16.

Around 2 days after joining the promotion, if you meet the conditions, you will receive an SMS notifying you that the new fee has been applied.

How long will the new fees apply?

They will apply until 2 October 2018 (inclusive).

Take into account that:

To be able to benefit from this promotion you must be of legal age, join the promotion and retain a credit position in the securities accounts and/or perform transactions to purchase national shares, international shares, warrants and ETFs between 29/05/2018 and 02/10/2018.

These fees will be applied once you receive the confirmation SMS message, 2 working days after joining the promotion and provided that you have already opened your securities account.

The risk level and information on each of the Warrants and ETFs marketed by Open Bank, S.A. is set out in the Information prospectus or Key Investor Information document for each of the financial products and is available at or at

Promotional code:
Validity period of the promotion:
From 29 May 2018 to 2 October 2018
Deadline to sign up for the promotion:

14 September 2018

Promotion conditions: