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Receive up to a 3% cash bonus with your Pension Plan

Promotional code: PLANES18

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What's the promotion?

Receive a cash bonus of  up to 3% in your current account  when you sign up for one of the pension plans that we offer or make contributions and/or transfers from other entities to your pension plan with Openbank.

How can you receive the 3% cash bonus?

It's very easy:

  1. You can carry out any of these transactions:
  • Sign up for one of the pension plans we offer.
  • Make contributions or transfers to your pension plan with Openbank.
  1. Click on “Join the promotion” and enter the code PLANES18 before 27 July 2018. You can also join the promotion by calling +34 91 177 33 10.

When will you receive the cash bonus in your current account?

The maximum cash bonus per customer and account will be €1,000 and you will receive it in two payments:

  • 50% of the cash bonus in September 2018.
  • 50% of the cash bonus in September 2020.

Please note that:

  • The minimum amount required for the openings, contributions or transfers will be €3,000. If lesser amounts are received, these will be totalled up until they equal or exceed the minimum required, for each pension plan holder.
  • A permanency of 3 years in the Pension Plan, from 27 August 2018, is required both for plans transferred during the promotion and those already in place.
  • The bonus is considered income from movable capital subject to a 19% withholding to be applied by the Bank, which will pay the customer the resulting net amount. You must include this income from movable capital in your personal income tax return.

You can check the risk level, characteristics and Key Investor Information Document  for each of the Pension Plans sold by Openbank on our website

Our investment specialists will help you with whatever you need. Find out more about our pension plans here or if you prefer, call us on +34 91 177 33 16.

If you're not an Openbank customer yet:

Become a customer here or call us on +34 91 177 33 37 and open a pension plan to take advantage of this promotion.

Promotional code:
Validity period of the promotion:
From 11 May 2018 to 27 July 2018
Deadline to meet requirements:

27 August 2018

Conditions of the promotion: