Amazon Echo

If you set up direct deposit
for your salary or pension

Direct deposit for your salary or pension

Give yourself an Amazon Echo

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What's the promotion?

Get an Amazon Echo*, Amazon's smart speaker with Alexa voice service, if you set up direct deposit for your salary or pension.

What are the benefits of setting up direct deposit for your salary or pension into the Openbank Payroll Account?

  • You will receive 1% cashback on your main bills: electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone and Internet, if your salary is higher than €900 a month.
  • Your Open Credit Card free, with no issue or renewal fee.
  • With your Open Payroll Account, get higher interest in your Openbank Savings Account from €1 and up to €1,000,000:

     o    0.40 % annual NIR¹ (0.40 % APR) in the Savings Account, if your salary or pension is paid directly into the Payroll  Account for a minimum amount of €600/month, or three bills that are payable every two months or less.
     o    0.10 % annual NIR¹ (0.10 % APR) in the Savings Account if you do not meet the above requirements.

  • You can receive your salary early thanks to “Overdraft Protection”. Subject to prior approval by Openbank.

How can I get my Amazon Echo?


  • Join the promotion with the promotional code ECHONOM by 12 March 2019 (inclusively).
  • Set up direct deposit for your salary or pension2.
  • One month after you have set up direct deposit for your salary or pension, you'll receive a code by your email that you can redeem on for free for your Amazon Echo device.

Please note that:

  • You  must be an individual, live in Spain, and over 18 years old.
  • If you are not an Openbank customer, you must open an Open Payroll Account in which you are the first holder.
  • If you're a customer, you must set up direct deposit for your salary or pension into an Open Payroll Account at Openbank where you are the first holder.
  • The delivery of the gift is considered as an investment return in kind, subject to a tax payment on account of 19%. This payment on account will not be passed on to the customer. In the saving tax base in their tax return, the customer must include the value of the gift received plus the tax payment on account not passed on.


¹ Example of gross interest for an average balance of €6,000 for 1 month, if one of the criteria is met, applying annual NIR of 0.40% (0.40% APR): the monthly gross interest would amount to €2. If none of the criteria are met, 0.10% NIR annual (0.10% APR) would be applied: the gross interest would amount to €0.50.

2 The minimum amount will be 1,000 euros, or 600 euros for customers aged between 18 and 31. You have until 30/04/19 to arrange to have your salary/pension paid directly into your account. You must continue to have your salary or pension paid directly into Openbank for at least 12 months following the first direct payment. This does not include customers who had their salary or pension paid into their bank account between 28/05/18 and 28/11/18 (inclusively) for amounts greater than €500, or who have benefited at any time from a payroll campaign in Openbank that was associated with the delivery of a product or payment of an incentive

*Alexa, Amazon, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and are registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. does not sponsor this promotion.


Promotional code:
Validity period of the promotion:
From 29 November 2018 to 12 March 2019
Code sending date

One month after setting up direct deposit for your salary or pension.

Promotion terms and conditions: