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More than 1,000 ETFs or listed funds to choose from

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Wide range of ETFs

More than 1,000 ETFs with the full span of asset classes in which you can invest.

Diversification and cost advantages

Take advantage of a product with the diversification of an investment fund and the liquidity of a stock.

Choose between complex and non-complex

Choose from non-complex, inverse and leveraged ETFs, and deliver your investment strategy.

Investment specialists

A team with more than 20 years' experience available to help on (+34) 91 177 33 16. 

Diversified range of ETFs

  • More than 1,000 ETFs (listed funds) available, allowing you to invest in the assets of your choice (fixed income, equities, forex, commodities, etc.).

  • They are listed on the main European and US stock markets.

Different types for you to choose from

  • Non-complex: they replicate an index.

  • Inverse: they move in the opposite direction of the index they are tracking.

  • Leveraged: they multiply the movements of the index.


All investments carry some level of risk, including the lack of return and/or loss of principal invested, as well as the foreign exchange risk for non-euro-denominated investment funds.


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