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More than 500 ETFs or traded funds at your disposal

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ETFs replicate leading indexes and allow you to invest simply in all sorts of markets and sectors.

Invest from small amounts

They do not have investment minimums, therefore it is easy to access them with small amounts.

Total liquidity and transparency

As they are traded on the securities market, you will be able to find out their value instantly and sell them at any time.

Choose your strategy

Each ETF is different, therefore you can choose the strategy that is best for you. 

Great diversification in ETFs

  • More than 500 ETFs (traded funds) at your disposal so that you can invest in the assets you prefer (fixed or variable income, currencies, raw materials, etc.).

  • They are quoted on the main European and US markets.

Different types for you to choose from

  • Simple: they replicate an index.

  • Inverted: moves inversely to the asset they are following.

  • Leveraged: multiplies the movements of the index.




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Want to know more about ETFs?

They are investment funds that are traded on the stock market. By contrast to the traditional funds, whose equity is subscribed or repaid at its net asset value (calculated following closure of each session), equity interests in ETFs are bought and sold on a secondary market, like shares or bonds.

Give us your purchase order through our website or by phone. They have the same hours as the markets and types of orders as the shares. They are executed on-line, therefore you will see the transaction on your account immediately.

The same as for buying, selling and custody as for shares. You can consult them in our rates book

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