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About the promotion

Get 50% back of buy and sell fees for national and international shares, warrants and ETFs¹.

Validity period: from 16 January until 30 April 2018.

Credit date: June 2018.

How can you participate in the promotion?

Just click on “Sign up to the promotion” and enter code VALORES50 before 30 April 2018.

If you aren't yet a customer:  

Open your Current Account here or call us on 911 773 337 to join Openbank and take part in this promotion. Take part in this promotion and start enjoying all the benefits of our investment platform:

  • Buy shares on the main stock markets.
  • Follow the markets in real time
  • Use our tools to help you make decisions.
  • You can also monitor your investments using our app.

Take into account that:

  • The maximum cashback per customer will be €500 gross.
  • We will return the fees by making a cash deposit into the current account associated with the securities contract in June 2018.
  • The sale of the products under this promotion will be rewarded provided that purchases of national and international shares, warrants and ETFs are made between Januray 16th and April 30th 2018.

¹ Risk indicator for each of the products included in this promotion will be that shown for each one when contracted.

The payment of the selected incentive is a monetary capital yield, subject to a 19% withholding by the Bank in accordance with applicable tax regulations, which will be passed on to the customer, who will be paid the resulting net balance. The Customer shall declare this capital yield in the savings base of their person income tax, deducting the withholding made.

Buy shares in 25 global markets

Operate in the main securities markets accessible from your current account with no fees.

Follow the markets in real time

Free access to stock market quotes in real time for the Spanish market and the latest news from the markets.

Make informed decisions

Use tools that support your investment decisions: technical and fundamental analysis, market consensus, investor sentiment, etc.

Easy to manage from wherever you are

Use personalized alerts to stay informed and check your investments from our website or app.

Find the shares you want with our advanced search engine.

Or find out about more security market products that may interest you here.

We help you to solve your doubts

It is very simple. Simply choose the security you wish to buy (our search engine will help you to find it) and then issue us with the purchase order. To operate it will be necessary for you to open a securities account with us where we will deposit your securities and send the order to the market so that it is executed.

There are various types of order:

• "Market" order: this is fully executed at the price being quoted on the market at that time. If there is not enough volume at the first price, it will be partially executed at that price and the rest will be executed at successive prices until it has all been sold.

• "Best" order: this is executed at the best price being quoted on the market at that time. But, if there is insufficient volume at that price (fixed as the best price), it will be partially executed and the remainder will remain pending execution at that price (or better) during the rest of the session. This order only applies to the Spanish market.

• "Limited" order: a maximum purchase or minimum sale price is established. In the event that the order cannot be executed at that price or better, it will remain pending execution until it reaches  the maturity date that you have set.

Yes. You can sell them on the stock market whenever you want. The money will appear in your current account instantly, as we settle the transactions in a matter of seconds.

With Openbank you will have access to over 25 markets, the most important European and US stock markets.


EUROPE Country Market
Spain Continuous market
United Kingdom London
Germany Frankfurt
France Paris
Portugal Lisbon
Holland Amsterdam
Belgium Brussels
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Italy Milan
Switzerland Zurich
Austria Vienna
Ireland Dublin
Norway Oslo
Denmark Copenhagen
Sweden Stockholm
Finland Helsinki
Greece Athens
AMERICA United States New York
  Canada Toronto


From €10 in fees per transaction for the national market and from €30 for international markets. This fee includes the brokerage fees of Santander Investment Bolsa SVB, but not the market fees.  More information in our rates book.

For your Santander shares, the purchase fee is reduced to €6 for transactions of up to €90,000 (includes the brokerage fee of the securities company). In addition, you will not pay any fees for the payment of dividends, capital operations and custody.

Yes, the MiFID Directive, which is a community regulation that protects you as a customer and improves the operation of financial markets. It establishes a classification of customers and products in order to offer you the investment that is most suited to your interests.

They are a non-complex product according to the MiFID regulation

You can do this right away from the Customer Area or by calling us on  91 177 33 16. Or, if you prefer, you can also access it through our app on your phone or tablet.

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