The tools you need to manage your investments
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The tools you need to manage your investments


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Tools to make decisions in the diversified investment

Diversified Investment

We share with you our investment committee's vision through 5 alternatives to diversify your investments.

You can adapt the initial alternative, or create your own investment strategy, in a simple way, with the information we give you.

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Descubre nuestro servicio de inversión automatizada: Roboadvisor.

¿Quieres invertir y no sabes cómo? Nosotros lo hacemos por ti. Consigue tu cartera en 5 minutos y la ajustamos a los cambios del mercado de forma automática.
¡Pruébalo desde 500€ de inversión! Puedes cancelar el servicio en cualquier momento y sin penalización1.
Gestionamos tu dinero priorizando la inversión en fondos con criterios ambientales, sociales y de buen gobierno.

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  • Stocks, ETFs and Warrants from 25 global markets.
  • More than 1,500 Investment Funds from over 75 asset management firms to invest from 1 euro or less.
  • 5 prestigious asset managers so you can choose your Pension Plan.


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Calculate how much you can save now and in the future with the Pension Calculator


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Calculate how much you can save now with the Pension Calculator
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