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Please note that any investment carries some level of risk, including the lack of return, loss of invested capital, and/or the foreign exchange rate risk for non-euro denominated products. The value of the investment is subject to market fluctuations. Past returns are no guarantee of future results.

The level of risk and the information for the Investment Funds and Pension Plans marketed by Open Bank, S.A., can be found in the Prospectus or Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for each one of the Investment Funds, available at and; or in the Key Information Document (KID) for each one of the Pension Plans, available at

Source: Morningstar. 2021 return from 01/01/21 to 31/12/21. YTD return from 01/01/21 to today's date. The returns shown are gross and are subject to the fees or other applicable charges set out in the Key Investor Information Document for each Investment Fund or Key Information Document for each Pension Plan.

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