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An advanced platform at your disposal

Access to stock market quotes and streaming with interactive graphics.

Advanced technical analysis

Interactive graphics allow you to perform stock market analyses with more than 100 technical indicators.

It is instant

We execute your stock market orders immediately and you will also be able to follow your portfolio in real time.

Real time quotes

If you execute 15 orders a quarter, you can access real time quotes in the Spanish market. You just have to sign up.

Trading platform

  • Access an advanced platform so that you can follow the markets in real time and streaming.

  • You will have access to advanced interactive graphics so that you can develop your own strategy (with more than 100 technical indicators).

  • Easy access from our website without the need to download additional software.

  • And without additional fees.

Real time

  • If you carry out at least 15 transactions per quarter you can see Spanish market quotes in real time, using the full power of this tool.

  • You just need to contact our team of specialists who will register you.



Become a customer in just three steps, wherever you are


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To become a customer, we need to know a few things about you. Complete the online form and choose your access code.


Confirm your identity

Without having to go anywhere. By video call, providing your account number in another bank or with a messenger.


Sign electronically

We will send you an SMS text with a security code in order to access your contract so that you can sign it online.

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To have quotes in real time, register by talking to one of our investment specialists at 91 177 33 16 (Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 10:00 pm).  Once you are registered, you will enjoy quotes in real time and you will have 3 months to make 15 operations and therefore keep the quotes in real time service for another 3 months.

If you prefer, we will call you.

In the customer area, from the options menu in the investments section.

We make it extremely simple for you. By phone on 91 177 33 16, our team of investment specialists will help you with anything you need (Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 10:00 pm).

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