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  • Complex financial product that may be difficult to understand.
Invest in Warrants


All the warrants on the Spanish market

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Invest in bull or bear market

Take advantage of the rises in underlying assets (call) or their decreases (put).

Multiplying effect

Leveraging multiplies movements of the underlying assets and the result of your investment. 

A wide range of warrants

You have all the warrants available that are trade on the Spanish Continuous Market.

More products

You can also access other traded products like turbos, multis, bonuses, etc.

A wide range of traded products 

  • You can trade with all the warrants listed on the Spanish market.

  • You also have available other traded products such as turbos, multis, bonuses, etc.

Operate with a flat rate

  • You will only pay €9.90 for each sale or purchase transaction, regardless of the amount.

Warrants are designed for investors with sufficient knowledge and experience to invest in this kind of security. This kind of investment requires constant monitoring of positions. You must be aware that warrants involve a high risk.


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