Why invest in mutual funds

Why invest in investment funds?

Invests in markets without being an expert in finance

Invest in markets without being a finance expert

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5 reasons to invest in funds

  • Without being a finance expert: Decide how much you want to invest. Professionals in the management company will invest for you.

  • Freedom and flexibility: You can invest whenever you want and from small amounts. 

  • Diversification: Funds allow you to invest in different markets and assets, diversifying your risks. 

  • Tax advantages: Transfer between funds without any fees. Only pay tax when you finally sell.

  • Your money is always available: You can recover the money you need at any time. Only in the case of guaranteed funds do you have to wait for a specific deadline.

What advantages are there for you in Openbank?

  • Specialists on hand to help you: A team with more than 20 years of experience on 91 177 33 16.

  • More than 1,500 funds from the main managers: Our advanced search engine and fund comparator will help you find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Without added fees: You will only pay the management and deposit fees detailed in the leaflet of each fund.

  • You will be informed at all times: You will have access to detailed information on the progress of your fund and on the profitability accrued since you started investing.

  • Purchase alerts: We will notify you free-of-charge when your money orders are settled in your current account.

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Would you like to learn more about investment funds?

It consists in having a group of investors pooling money that the management entity uses to buy assets, such as stocks or bonds. That is what is known as the fund's assets. When you invest in a fund, you're actually buying a part of those assets that we call a unit.

It is the price that a participation or stake has at a given time. That is, the price at which it would be sold at that moment. This amount is calculated daily on the price of the assets in which the fund is invested, discounting management and deposit fees. That is, it always reflects the real value of the participation on the date indicated.

Investment funds can achieve very attractive returns, although you should keep in mind that past returns do not guarantee future returns, since there is no fixed interest rate. However, it is always helpful to see how the funds have behaved in the past: historical return.

Yes, the MIFID Directive. It is a community regulation that protects customers and improves the functioning of financial markets. It establishes a classification of customers and products in order to offer you the investment that suits you.

You can transfer your investment from one fund to another without affecting your income tax return. So you will be able to change your investment without generating losses or profits. You will only have to pay taxes to the Treasury when you sell your shares. Until then, even if you accumulate profits you will not have to pay income tax on them.

That is a big advantage over accounts and deposits, since the profitability of your funds is included in the value of the investment, so that capital is also making a profit until you decide to recover it. The rate at which capital gains are taxed depends on their amount, regardless of the period in which you have maintained the investment:

  • 19% for earnings below €6,000.

  • 21% for earnings from €6,000 to €50,000.

  • 23% for earnings in excess of €50,000.

Before opening a investment fund, we will put the DFI (document with the Fundamental Data for the Investor) or information brochure at your disposal, a semi-annual report and, in the case of international funds, the Marketing Report. In them, you will find all the information you need. 

A transfer consists of withdrawing the money from one fund and immediately contributing it to another. It may be total or partial, as well as between Openbank’s investment funds or those of other entities. Of course, in order to do so the ownership and the percentage of equity must be the same. This flexibility allows you to move your investments more easily according to your interests. 

You can do it whenever you need it. The liquidity of investment funds is a big advantage over term deposits (in which you have to wait for maturity to receive the principal and interest agreed). Only in the case of guaranteed funds do you have to wait for a specific deadline.

You can get it right now from the Customer Area of this website. You can also get it through our app on your phone or tablet. Or call our investment specialists on 91 177 33 16 (Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 10:00 pm). 

We make it extremely simple for you. Call us on 91 177 33 16, and our specialist investment team will give you any assistance you require (Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 10:00 pm).