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What is an Pre-approved Loan?

It is a personal loan that you can use it right away1 , for whatever you need, and with this conditions:

  • It is paid into your account immediately, no paperwork is required. 
  • Minimum term of 12 months and maximum of 60 months (5 years), depending on the amount requested.
  • Annual interest rate: 6.95 %(APR: 7,17 %)2.
  • No arrangement fee.
  • From €300.

You can apply for your loan online or by calling 91 177 33 10 by 31 August 2019 (inclusively).

1 Ultimately, this loan will be approved once your data are cross-checked with solvency and creditworthiness databases, and once Openbank approves the risk. This offer may also be modified prior to the loan arrangement date if the customer's circumstances change. Offer valid only for customers who receive this communication directly from Openbank.

2 Example for an amount of €3,000 over 60 months: NIR 6.95%/APR 7.17%. Monthly repayments of €59.33 and a final instalment of €59.55. No arrangement fee. Total amount owed €3,560.02. The amount of the loan will be available to the customer who receives this message. However, it may be modified prior to that date if the customer applies for, cancels or repays any asset product during the term of this offer.

Validity date of the promotion:
From 1 August 2019 to 31 August 2019
Pre-contractual information: