Transfers to Ukraine

No fees throughout September 2023

In a bid to ensure that enough help reaches those who need it most, we will refund you the fees¹ and currency conversion charges2 for any transfers you make from an Openbank account to banks in Ukraine over the course of September 20233.

Within approximately 1 week after sending the transfer, we will refund you the amount of fees charged to your account, regardless of the currency chosen for the transfer.


You too can help Ukraine!

Donate by making a Solidarity Transfer to Action against Hunger, UNHCR, Red Cross, Doctors of the World, Save the Children, World Vision, Educo and Entreculturas to further their humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine.

1 Current fee for NON-SEPA bank transfers issued in foreign currency of €15 + €9.02 € (Swift).
2 Current currency conversion fee: 0.2% / Minimum: €3.01.
3 Available for all Openbank customers who send transfers from an Openbank account to an account in Ukraine between 1 March 2022 and 30 September 2023 (both inclusive).