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How much does it cost for us to invest for you?

If you sign up for our Robo-Advisor Automated Investment service now you will not pay fees for the service until 31 December.

We apply the following fees to this service:

  • For balances under €25,000 the management fee will be 0.85% + VAT per year.
  • For balances over €25,000 and under €100,000 the management fee will be 0.65% + VAT per year.
  • For balances over €100,000 the management fee will be 0.55% + VAT per year.

Every month, the fees will be charged from the discretionary management account by the sale of shares in the portfolio's investment funds. These management costs are calculated based on the average daily assets under management.

For example, for an investment of €20,000, the fee would be €14.17 per month1. Please note that the balance of your investment is automatically readjusted on a regular basis, so fees are also calculated according to the total amount of investment.

The promotion consists solely of the exemption from payment of management service fees accrued to Openbank but does not include all other fees, costs and expenses associated with each of the Funds in the discretionary management portfolio and any other fees or charges that arise as a result of your contractual relationship with Openbank.

1 VAT not included

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