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What is the maximum that you can contribute to a pension plan in a year?

  • €8,000 regardless of your age (taking into account that the limit is 30% of the sum of income from work and financial activity).

  • If your spouse receives income lower than €8,000 a year, you can also reduce your contributions, with a maximum annual limit of €2,500. 

  • If you have a physical or sensory disability equal to or greater than 65%; a mental health disability greater than 33% or have a legally declared disability, regardless of the level of disability, you will be able to  contribute up to €24,250. 

  • If you are a family member of a person with a disability (direct line, collateral line up to third degree or spouse) and you want to make contributions in their favour, you make do so in addition to your own contributions, taking into account the annual limit of €10,000. 

  • And if the person with a disability has various contributions, the first ones to be reduced will be those that the person with the disability makes and only if they fall short of the limit set will it also be possible to reduce the contributions of the family members. However, under no circumstances may the limit of €24,250 be jointly exceeded.

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