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What insurance does the Diamond Card Pack include?

It includes four very useful types of Insurance: travel assistance insurance, protection insurance, accident insurance  and insurance against fraud. It helps Diamond Pack Card holders in the event of travel cancellation, delay, and medical emergencies when travelling during the trip covered for card holders + spouse / children + 5 people travelling with the cardholder.

Travel assistance insurance arranged with Legalitas.

  • Delayed/lost luggage. If there is a delay of more than four hours, it includes emergency purchases. Maximum indemnification 400€

  • More than four hours delay in departure, Maximum indemnification: 400€.

  • Cancellation of travel owing to illness, death, etc. maximum indemnification 3.000€.

  • Medical expenses if you fall ill or have an accident during the trip. Maximum expenses:60.000€.

  • Finding and transporting luggage and personal effects: 60€ per item, <1.202€

  • Theft and material damage to luggage: 0€ item, <1.202€

  • Telephone Legal Assistance by Lawyers: up to 12.002€

  • In addition to covering you as the holder, the insurance policy also covers those travelling when the travel is paid for using the credit card (even if you do not travel).

  • Cover starts 50km from your home and all over the world.

  • In addition to the other guarantees usually covered by standard travel insurance.

See further details on this insurance

Protection insurance arranged with AIG.

  • Your purchases protected.

    • This covers all your purchases on the Internet (products not delivered, damaged or that do not correspond with the items you purchased). It includes the replace of the product or its reimbursement up to a maximum of 2.000€.

    • It also covers damage and the theft of whatever you buy in the shops up to a maximum of 2.000€ in the first two months from purchase.

  • Robbery at a ATM.

    • This covers cash that has been stolen up to eight hours after its withdrawal. Maximum indemnity: 500€

  • One additional year's warranty.

    • In addition to the two year warranty established by law, the insurance offers you 12 months additional warranty for any product that you have purchased with the card. Maximum capital guaranteed: 2.000€

  • Car hire cover. With this insurance you will avoid taking out the insurance required by car hire agencies for additional cover. The deductible is up to €200 per loss. Maximum indemnification year: €1,000.

See further details on this insurance

Free insurance against fraud.  

  • From the moment you inform Openbank, your Premium card will protect you against potential fraud. Maximum two reports per year, with no deductible. From then on the deductible is 150€.

Travel Accident Insurance arranged with Santander Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A.

  • This protects the cardholder in the event of travel accidents with tickets (or car hire) paid by card, up to 600.000€

  • Cover in the event of accidents on public transport (or car hire) paid by credit or debit card, with a maximum limit of 6.010,12€

See further details on this insurance  

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