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What type of mortgages does Openbank offer?

We offer the Open Mortgage, with three made-to-measure alternatives. Choose between a Variable, Mixed or Fixed Mortgage to buy your first or second home.

You choose:

  • Open Fixed Mortgage: The payment will always be the same throughout the term of the loan (*). This is true regardless of whether Euribor increases or decreases.
  • Open Variable Mortgage: The payment may increase or decrease annually, depending on changes in Euribor. (*)
  • Open Mixed Mortgage: For the first ten years your payment always remains fixed. From then on it will be updated annually with the current Euribor. (*)

(*) Provided you meet the following requirement: Have your salary, pension, unemployment benefit or any other regular payment received by transfer as remuneration paid directly into Openbank, or make a deposit every month into Openbank from an account in another bank. For a single holder, the amount of any of the above items must be equal to or greater than €900 per month. If there are two or more owners, the minimum amount is €1,800 per month. If you do not fulfil the above requirement, the interest rate applicable after non-fulfilment will vary and will be the result of adding an additional margin of 1.20% to the annual nominal interest rate.​​​​​​​

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