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What's Openbank Wealth?

Openbank Wealth is a new space focused on the world of investments and financial markets. On Openbank Wealth we share our investments committee's view of the market with you.

 This new space is divided into two sections, depending on how you want to invest:

  • You invest: this is the section where you can find all the products we offer you, so that you can invest yourself: shares, investment funds, pension plans, ETFs and warrants. We also offer you a complete package of tools  to help you make your best investment decisions.
  • We invest for you: our new automated investment service, the Openbank Robo-Advisor ddesigned for those who want to invest but who are not experts. A universal service with a minimum investment of only 500 euros. How does it work? Simply find out your investor profile and choose the strategy you want us to follow. After that, our investment committee, advised by BlackRock's experts, will analyse the market and if they think it is appropriate, they will automatically adjust your portfolio.
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