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Some advantages of investment funds


The profitability of the investment fund you choose depends on your investment strategy and the evolution of markets.


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Without being a finance expert

Decide how much you want to invest. Professionals in the management company will invest the assets of the investment fund for you in various markets and asset classes.


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Diversified investments

We provide you with a powerful tool to understand the importance of diversifying your investment. Discover how far you can go and create your own alternative with active or passive funds.

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It consists of money that is shared by various investors and that is invested and managed by financial market specialists. Its main attraction is that you can get a higher return than investing separately.

To invest in a fund you simply have to buy one or several units of it. Invest at any time and from very small amounts.

In the breakdown of each fund, you can check the risk levels from 1 to 7 established in accordance with the current regulations, so that you can invest in the investment fund that is most suited to your profile. Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

When you want you can recover what you invested, in addition to the earnings - minus the losses - that you have had. Only in the case of guaranteed funds do you have to wait for a specific term.

You are free to change from one fund to another at any time and distribute your investment between different markets, and without having to pay taxes until you have received the reimbursement of your investment.

You only have to pay the management and deposit fees indicated in each fund's prospectus.  Openbank does not charge additional fees.

Of course. You just have to give us the order through the web or by phone and we take care of managing everything. Openbank also does not charge any fees for the transfer.

The shares that you transfer maintain the same value, date of initial purchase and fiscal seniority. And you can also transfer the funds you want within Openbank.

Do so through the website or app in the investment fund section.  Or call our investment specialists on 91 177 33 16.

If you are still not a customer, first become a customer here, so you can access the investment fund that best suits your needs. Our advanced search engine will allow you to filter and select from a wide range of funds.

Take a look at the 'Why invest in Investment Funds' section. There, you will find this same information in a longer format.

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