Automated Service investment: Robo-Advisor

Automated investment service: Roboadvisor

We create your portfolio in 5 minutes and adjust it to the market every month.

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Automated investment service: Robo-Advisor

Get an extra €100 for your investments with our automated investment service "We invest for you"

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Investing with Robo-Advisor is this simple

Investing with Roboadvisor is this simple


Discover your investor side

In 5 minutes you can complete the necessary information to discover your investor profile, which we can use to suggest investment strategies for you.


Choose your strategies

We present you with investment strategies tailored to your needs, according to the investor profile you've defined in the suitability test, so  you can choose the one that interests you most.


Professional control and monitoring

Our investment committee analyses the market situation and determines the rules for adjusting your investments. Plus, you have online information at all times.

Here you can find the asset allocation for each investment strategy of our automated investment service (Roboadvisor).

And the best tools for monitoring your investment

The result of our management, always available

In your portfolio evolution you can see your current return and the previous return.

You can see how your investment has evolved in different parts of the chart. If you want to see the return in euros or as a percentage, just click on the button in the upper corner.

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We show you where we invest

We'll show you the investments that are included in your portfolio through a graph, which is updated online. Click on each of the options to see the details of the types of assets that are part of your portfolio.

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Projecting results in real time

You can check the possible evolution of the investment, based on the contents of your portfolio, in this graph.

You can see the projection of your investment - what is expected to happen in 2, 10 and 25 years - and the expected maximum, average and minimum return.

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If you want, you can also invest to reach a goal

Choose your goal and the date you want to achieve it. We will provide you with investment strategies and tools tailored to your needs so that you can achieve your goal.

Each month, our investment committee, advised by BlackRock's experts, will analyse the market and, if appropriate, will adjust your portfolio automatically.


Become a customer in just three steps, wherever you are


Complete the online form

To become a customer, we need to know a few things about you. Complete the online form and choose your access code.


Confirm your identity

Without having to go anywhere. By video call, providing your account number in another bank or with a messenger.


Sign electronically

We will send you an SMS text with a security code in order to access your contract so that you can sign it online.

Want to learn more about the automated investing service: Roboadvisor?

Discretionary management is an investment service in which a customer signs a management mandate authorising Openbank's investment specialists to manage the assets that the customer wishes to invest, using a portfolio of investment funds.

Automated discretionary management is commonly known as Roboadvisor, from Robot (automation) and Advisor in English.

The service will be provided mainly through an automated online tool that will be available both on the website and in the mobile app. You can contact our investment specialists on +34 91 177 33 16, whenever you need or to resolve any queries you may have.

Goal-based investing is a discretionary portfolio management service in which you will link your investment with a goal. You can choose between any of the goals offered by us, or create your own. Once you have arranged the service, you will be able to exhaustively monitor your investment. You can view a lot of different information, including the probability of reaching your goal within the period you set.

This service, as with any investment, has certain risks inherent to the financial markets, including the potential risk of loss of invested capital or lack of return. We have created five different investor profiles depending on the risk you are willing to admit, and certain other factors.


PROFILE: The goal of this profile is capital protection and stability. We understand that you would be willing to accept very low risks and potential losses in the short term.

STRATEGY: The risk of the conservative profile investment strategy should be within the lower range of the 2 to 5% volatility range calculated on the basis of historical data over three years.


PROFILE: The goal of this profile is to maintain stable capital, while also seeking protection against inflation. We understand that you would be willing to take limited risks, with potential not very high losses and that you would divest if there were widespread market falls.

STRATEGY: The risk of the moderate profile investment strategy should be within the higher range of the 2 to 5% volatility range calculated on the basis of historical data over three years.


PROFILE: The goal of this profile is to achieve a balance between stability and capital growth. We understand that you would be willing to take risks in your financial investments and potential losses in the medium term.

STRATEGY: The risk of the balanced profile investment strategy should be within the lower range of the 5 to 10% volatility range calculated on the basis of historical data over three years.


PROFILE: The goal of this profile is to achieve capital growth. We understand that you are willing to accept the natural risks that are part of the financial markets, including potential losses in the medium term.

STRATEGY: The risk of the dynamic profile investment strategy should be within the higher range of the 5 to 10% volatility range calculated on the basis of historical data over three years.


PROFILE: The aim of this profile is capital growth by maximising return. We understand that you would be willing to take on potential losses with the long-term objective of maximising the return on your portfolio.

STRATEGY: The risk of the aggressive profile investment strategy should be within a 10 to 15% volatility range calculated on the basis of historical data over three years.

If necessary due to market conditions, the portfolio's risk profile may deviate from the volatility ranges1 indicated above.

1Volatility is the fluctuation in the price of assets in the portfolio.

To apply for the discretionary portfolio management service, you must first fill out the suitability test. Once we have assessed your replies, we will tell you your investor profile, and use it to offer you an investment portfolio adapted to your requirements.

Once the test is done, you can perform simulations to see the possible behaviour of your investment, and if you can want you can also associate it with a goal.

Once you have read, accepted and signed the contract, you will be holder of a discretionary management account.

Openbank is responsible for managing the money of customers who have signed a discretionary management contract. Openbank has set up an Investment Committee that meets at least once a month or when judged necessary due to market circumstances. The Investment Committee is advised by BlackRock, one of the largest, if not the largest, asset managers in the world. It gives a market vision and the optimal asset allocation for each investment strategy. Based on this vision, the Investment Committee chooses the investment funds with which to implement the various investment strategies.

Openbank's Investment Committee, advised by BlackRock, manages portfolios based on a defined risk to be consumed, the sources of that risk (fixed income, equities and/or others) and the allocates the portfolios accordingly, not based on a predetermined asset allocation. This management approach means we are better able to adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring that the risk assumed is always under control. This is how we maximise the result obtained for each level of risk.

Portfolios are reviewed at least monthly or when judged necessary due to market circumstances. Openbank's Investment Committee carries out these reviews.

At the last Investment Committee meeting, the following asset allocation was agreed for each investment strategy in our discretionary management service (Robo-Advisor).

For the purpose of providing you with the most complete information possible, we show you which investment funds we use for each asset class and subclass.

The discretionary management service is a fiduciary service; i.e., the team of professionals who manage your money is required by law to look after the customer's best interests, making the best decisions to help your investment to evolve. This means that we need you to give us information about your knowledge and experience, as well as your goals and financial situation, so we can offer you suitable investment strategies based on the result of the suitability test.

By doing the suitability test, we can be sure we are offering you the investment goals that are most suited to your needs as an investor. We will ask you about your knowledge and experience, your investment goals and your financial situation and based on your answers we will establish your investor profile.

​​​​​​​We apply the following fees to this service:

  • For balances under €25,000 the management fee will be 0.85% + VAT per year.
  • For balances over €25,000 and under €100,000 the management fee will be 0.65% + VAT per year.
  • For balances over €100,000 the management fee will be 0.55% + VAT per year.

Every month, the fees will be charged from the discretionary management account by the sale of shares in the portfolio's investment funds. These management costs are calculated based on the average daily assets under management.

For example, for an investment of €20,000, the fee would be €14.17 per month1. Please note that the balance of your investment is automatically readjusted on a regular basis, so fees are also calculated according to the total amount of investment.


1 VAT not included

Our Automated Investment service uses passively managed investment funds to manage your portfolio, as they have diversified profiles and have tax benefits in Spain. They allow customers to get simple access to markets, significantly reducing risk through portfolio diversification. You will only pay taxes when you decide to sell, not on the monthly readjustments we will apply to your portfolio to adjust it to market circumstances at all times.

You will have to carry out a fresh suitability test so that we can offer you the portfolio that best suits your needs. That's all there is to it. We take care of making the necessary management decisions to adapt your portfolio to the new circumstances.

You can edit your test by phone at 91 177 33 16; our investment specialists will be available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm to take your call.

You must make a minimum investment of €500 to take out the discretionary portfolio management service. Once you have made this minimum initial contribution, you can make occasional contributions whenever you want, or establish a periodic contribution (from €1 up).

Yes, you can withdraw funds from your portfolio whenever you want, by choosing to make a reimbursement. The amount to be reimbursed must be at least €10, and cannot be higher than the minimum operating level established for your portfolio. The minimum operating level has been set so that we can continue to manage your investment and make the necessary rebalances.

You can ask to cancel your portfolio at any point from either the website or app. Once your service cancellation order has been processed, the orders will be generated to liquidate your positions. Your money will then be transferred to the current account associated with the portfolio, less any outstanding management fees, and the corresponding withholdings on account for tax liabilities. At that point the operating management account associated with your portfolio will be cancelled.

To make contributions you can access the make new contribution option at any time. You will then be able to choose which portfolio to contribute to, and decide whether you want to make a one-off or periodic contribution. The contribution can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Please note that contributions can be made from €1 and above, but no orders will be sent until the amount reaches €10 (e.g. if you contribute €2 each day, the adjustment will be made on the fifth day, for an amount of €10).

You can reimburse amounts from your portfolio whenever you want, but you must always need to keep a minimum operating level to carry out the necessary readjustments, which will vary depending on your portfolio.

You can view your investor profile from your Account Overview and, if your circumstances, objectives or financial situation have changed, you can easily edit it. In this case, you can contact our investments specialists on +34 91 177 33 16 (Monday to Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm).

Go to options in your investment control panel to change your portfolio's investment strategy. It displays all strategies included in your investor profile, and you can make comparisons between your current strategy and the one you select before confirming the change.

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