Data engineer para Tealium IQ

Location: Madrid


Specialist in defining, deploying and managing monitoring solutions (both on the web channel and in mobile environments) based on business needs and supporting the technical teams in implementing these monitoring solutions.

You must have advanced knowledge of implementing Google Analytics, with a thorough understanding of reports and data, and strong analytical skills.

Experience with handling Tag Manager is essential, and, if possible, with Tealium IQ.


  • Preparation of tag guides to implement Tag Manager and/or Digital Analytics tools.
  • Configuration, maintenance and evolution of Datalayer and Tag Manager (Tealium IQ).
  • Validation of implemented tags.
  • Design, validation, implementation and auditing of campaign pixels.


  • Technical diploma/degree (computing, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Experience in Front-end development, specifically with the following technologies for both Web and Mobile environments: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.
  • High level of English.

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