Data Ninja

Location: Madrid

Job description:

This role represents a critical bridge between data scientists and the rest of the business areas within the company. Ideally you have been a developer for a while, and now you want to transition towards the Data Science world. You don't feel confident enough about algorithm but you know how to overcome that lack of knowledge with your coding skills and quick prototyping attitude. You want to learn about the algorithmic secrets of Data Scientists and you know how to teach about software development best practices. You love open source projects and have contributed to some of them. You find yourself perfectly represented here.

Please include your github repo or your stackoverflow profile (or a project you are proud of) in your CV. It is a mandatory requirement in order to consider your application, otherwise it will be discarded.

The Data Ninja provides expert guidance and delivers through self and others to:

1. Develop data-related product-prototypes, creating real-life integrations of AI-based models developed by data scientists.

2. Impose software development methodologies and good coding practices for data-scientists.

3. Organize and structure data science code to optimize the engineering of data usage.

4. Automatizes everything that falls in your hands.

5. Eases the access to documentation, insights and knowledge using the most accesible tools, and developing an open source culture.

Core competencies, knowledge and experience:

  • Solid experience and expertise across open source projects and software development.
  • Technical delivery of analytics solutions with high data volumes in a commercial environment (ideally Hadoop - AWS).
  • Must have technical / professional qualifications:
  • Experience with some SQL database structures. Ideally also NoSQL.
  • Experience with web development tools like Javascript, and the itnegration through/with APIs.

Curiosity about predictive modeling, machine learning and data visualization, but no experience is required.

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