bills and direct debits
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Management of Bills and Direct Debits

Everything you need to manage your bills online

Control all your bills

  • Check the monthly changes in expenses on each bill.
  • View the receipt for each bill and download the one you need.
  • Return your bills in one click.
  • Cancel any direct debits you no longer wish to pay.
management of bills and direct debits

Set up direct debits for your bills with a single image



All you need to do is take a picture or scan it and upload it.

We'll handle the formalities at absolutely no cost.

Keep track of your expenses



Monthly or annually with intuitive charts.

With filters so you can easily check your expenses.

A quick way to control your bills at a glance.


More control: return or cancel your bills



You can return any bill in one click.

Cancel direct debits to cancel future payments.

You can also change your direct debit account.

FAQs about management of bills and direct debits

You have several ways to arrange direct debits for your bills:

  • You can upload an image of your bill.  In your customer area, go to “Accounts/Direct Debits”, click on “Direct Debit Management” and access “Pay bills by direct debit”.
  • Or if you prefer, fill in this application form and send it to us at We'll deal with the formalities at absolutely no cost.
  • You can also send the application by post, with a photocopy of your bills, to Openbank, Paseo de la Castellana 134, 28046 Madrid (Spain).

If you have received a charge that you have not authorised or the amount of a bill is incorrect, you can return the bill in one click. To do this, go to “Direct Debit Management” in your private area, click on theclick on the “Options” drop-down list and choose "Return”.

Please note that if you authorised it you have up to 8 weeks to return it, and if you have not authorised it, up to 13 months from the date the charge was made.

In your customer area, go to “Accounts/Direct Debits”, click on the “Direct Debit Management’ button and then on the “Change direct debits to another account” link to transfer all your direct debits to another debit account.

You can also change the debit account for a specific direct debit from ‘’Accounts/Direct Debits”, click the “Direct Debit Management”, button, and in the “'Options”' of the receipt click on “Change direct debit account to be charged”.

Direct debits on municipal taxes such as Property Tax(IBI), Vehicle Tax (IVTM), the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE) and similar taxes must be arranged directly with the issuing entity.

Setting up direct debits for your bills is not immediate on your Openbank account. We recommend that you keep a minimum balance in the old debit account, the updating of your data depends on the issuing entities.