Debit Card MiniCard for mobile payments

Debit MiniCard

Debit Card MiniCard for mobile payments

Paying for your purchases has never been so easy

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Always to hand

Turn any mobile phone into a card, even without battery.

No issue fee

And annual renewal costs just 2,95€.

Free accident insurance

On your trips and when you are on public transport.

Total security

Secure E-Commerce and free text alert service.

The convenience of Contactless technology

  • Stick the adhesive card on any mobile phone, you will be able to use it without using NFC technology, even if you run out of battery.

  • Hold it up to a pay terminal and complete purchases in seconds.

  • Enjoy Open Discounts: save on great brands when you pay with your cards.

Apply for your free MiniCard

  • No issue fee.

  • And renewal costs just 2,95€ per year.

Greater security at no extra cost

  • It covers any accident that you may have on a trip or on public transport.

  • Includes a Secure E-Commerce System.


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Complete the online form

To become a customer, we need to know a few things about you. Complete the online form and choose your access code.


Confirm your identity

Without having to go anywhere. By video call, providing your account number in another bank or with a messenger.


Sign electronically

We will send you an SMS text with a security code in order to access your contract so that you can sign it online.

Do you want to learn more about the Debit MiniCard?

It is an adhesive card that you can place on the back of your mobile phone and that works with Contactless technology. To pay, take it to the pay terminal and you're all set. You will only need to enter your PIN in purchases of more than 20€.

If you have an Android, first you will need to disconnect the mobile's NFC in settings to allow you to use it.  With any other device, once activated and stuck on you can start making purchases with it.

Its issue, the use of Contactless technology, Secure E-Commerce services and text alerts are free. Renewal is annual for just 2,95€. If you pay currency other than euros, there is a 3% commission on the amount.

Yes, free insurance agreed with Santander Seguros y Reaseguros S.A. If you have an accident and you are a card holder, the maximum indemnification is 6.010,12€.  

And if you have purchased a journey on public transport with the card, in addition to covering you as the card holder, the insurance also covers up to 5 people whose travel is charged to the card. Maximum indemnification: 120.202,42€

Find out about all the details and cover in your corresponding policy.

Inform us immediately. Call us on 913 626 200 or at 900 200 128, or on our website, access the customer area, cards section and cancel it online.

Send us the police report and, from the moment that you report it, we will assume liability for the payments that you did not make with the card. Any charge that you do not recognise made prior to your notification will be assumed by you up to a maximum of 150€.

It is the technology that allows you to buy by just waving your Debit MiniCardnear the payment terminal. If you see the symbol >)) in an establishment, you can pay with the MiniCard. It’s that simple. You will only need to enter your PIN in purchases of more than 20€.

For the moment the MiniCard is only designed for making payments at terminals and withdrawing cash at those ATMs that have Contactless technology. From Openbank, we will inform you when the remaining ATMs include this functionality.

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Enjoy exclusive discounts when paying with your Openbank cards on great brands such as Galp, Telepizza, Iberia, Cortefiel, Women’secret, VIPS, Cines Cinesa, Yelmo y Kinépolis, Europcar, and many more. Discover all of our discounts here.

We make it extremely simple for you. Call us on +34 91 177 33 37​​​​​​​ if you aren't a customer yet. Our team of professionals will help you with everything you need.

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