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Automated investment: Roboadvisor

  • Do you want to invest and you don't know how? We'll do it for you.
  • Create your portfolio in 5 minutes and we will automatically adjust it to market changes.
  • Give it a go, starting with an investment of €500! You can cancel the service at any time and without penalty1.

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Goal-based investing

  • We invest for you, so you can get what you've always wanted.
  • Say how much you need to earn to fulfil your dream and how long you want to take to achieve it.

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Financial Aggregator

  • Check all your bank accounts at a glance.
  • Add your other banks in just 2 clicks.
  • All the security you expect from teh most advanced banking.

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Card Control

  • Turn your Openbank cards on and off in one click.
  • You can choose what countries to use them in, and if you want to restrict their use in ATMs, establishments and/or online shopping.

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Password Manager

Password Manager Databank

  • Keep your passwords and secret information in your Openbank App.
  • A secure way to store the information you want to protect, which only you can access.
  • The password for your social media, email, online TV, Wi-Fi, your favourite online store, and any other information important to you.

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Security Customization

  • Apply your preferred settings to adjust the security level when confirming your operations over the website and app.
  • You can also choose the minimum amount starting from which you want more security to be applied for your transfers.

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Gestión dispositivos

Device management

  • Keep track of when, and from what devices, you have logged into Openbank.
  • Check the details of which mobile/computer you logged in from, on what date and how long the session lasted.
  • For increased security, you can also block the devices you have used to log in to your account.

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Expense categorizer

  • Manage and monitor your charges in a simple and efficient way.
  • All your transactions appear sorted into categories that you can name and manage.
  • Use simple graphs to view how your expenses trend.

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App Open Young

Open Young App

  • So that your children can have fun managing their money. It’s also totally free!
  • Your children can use this app to manage the charges of their Open Young Prepaid Card. You will always have control of both the app and the card.
  • Your children can control their charges by categories, create budgets, ask you for theie allowance...and a lot more!

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Open Solidario

Open Solidarity

  • Solidarity Card: each time you pay, you donate the amount rounded off to the nearest euro to the NGO or foundation of your choice.
  • Solidarity Transfers: make solidarity transfers to any NGO or foundation with which we collaborate.

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