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Automated investment: Robo-Advisor

  • Find out your investor profile and we'll give you investment strategies based on it to start investing wherever you are from an initial investment of €500.
  • Each month, our Investment Committee, advised by BlackRock's experts, will analyse the market and if they think it is necessary they will adjust your portfolio automatically.



Goal-based investing

  • Mark a goal and we will give you investment strategies and the right tools to reach it, based on your investment profile.
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Financial Aggregator

  • Connect your banks that operate in Spain in Openbank.
  • You can control all your balances and transactions at a glance and in real-time.
  • You can assign categories to your expenses to help you manage them.


Card Control

  • Gain more control over your cards by turning them off and on temporarily whenever you want.
  • You can choose what countries to use them in, and if you want to restrict their use in ATMs, establishments or online shopping.
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Password Manager

Password Manager Databank

  • Keep your passwords and secret information in your Openbank App.
  • A secure way to store the information you want to protect, which only you can access.
  • The passwords for your social media, email, online TV, Wi-Fi, your favourite online store, and any other information important to you.


Security Customization

  • Apply your own security settings for web and app transactions.
  • Besides, for your transfers you can choose the minimum amount from which you want to increase the security.


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Gestión dispositivos

Device management

  • Control when, and from what devices, you have logged into Openbank.
  • Check your login details: device, browser, location, date and session duration.
  • For security, you can also block the devices you have used to log in to your account.


Expense categorizer

  • Makes it easy to manage and monitor your charges efficiently.
  • All your transactions sorted by configurable categories.
  • With simple graphs to follow the pattern in your charges.
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App Open Young

Open Young App

  • A free app for your children to learn how to manage their Open Young Prepaid Card expenses.
  • They can control their expenses by categories, create budgets or ask you for pocket money.
  • And, in exchange, you can give them chores.


Open Solidario

Open Solidarity

  • Solidarity Card: Every time you pay, you collect donations to help the NGO or foundation of your choice.
  • Solidarity Transfers: Make solidarity transfers to any NGO or foundation with which we collaborate.
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