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Solidarity Transfer

Transferencia Solidaria

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Simply choose your preferred NGO or foundation and enter the amount to donate

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You can make one-off or periodic solidarity transfers

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All national and international transfers, in euros within the EU, free of charge

You can deduct some of your donations on your tax return

Up to 75% of the first €150 you donate and 30% for the rest of your donations

How does it work?

  • This is an online solidarity transfer service with which you can make a one-off or monthly contribution to one of the 11 NGOs with which Openbank collaborates.
  • The donation is immediate.

Free of charge

  • Donate the amount you want on the spot, without fees and without worrying about finding the NGO's account number.

  • Openbank currently collaborates with the following NGOs: Save the Children, ACNUR, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Cruz Roja, Acción Contra el Hambre, Fundación Theodora, Duchanne, Cris Contra el Cáncer, Entreculturas HePA and Deporte y Desafío.

Tax benefits

  • You can deduct some of your donations on your tax return.

  • Up to 75% on the first €150 you donate each year and 30% for any additional donation over €150.
    This 30% may be increased to 35% if you’ve donated to the same NGO or foundation for an equal or greater amount in two previous tax periods.


Want to learn more about the Solidarity Transfer?

Simply access the 'Transfers' section from your customer area, click on "Solidarity Transfer" and choose the NGO or foundation you prefer.

Enter the amount you want to donate and if you want to schedule it periodically.

Solidarity transfers, as well as all other domestic and international transfers in euros within the EU at Openbank, are free of charge.

We make it easy for you. On the phone +34 91 177 33 37 our team of professionals will help you with everything you need.




Collaborating is also easy with the Solidarity Card

With the Solidarity Card, every time you pay, you round up the nearest euro and donate the difference to the NGO or foundation of your choice.

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