Security Customization
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Security Customization

All the protection you need for your transactions, tailored to your needs

Tailor-made security

  • Apply your own security settings for web and app transactions.
  • Apart from the current security with the SMS confirmation code, you can add your Signature Key for transactions where you need additional security.
  • For your transfers you can choose the minimum amount from which to add the confirmation with your signature key
  • Change these settings whenever you want from the web and the app.
personalizar la seguridad de tu banco

SMS confirmation code

This is the default option to confirm your transactions via web and app.

The easiest and most simple choice for security.

SMS confirmation code + Signature key

The signature key allows you to confirm transactions and arrange services by telephone.

You can add more security to your web and app operations by using your signature key.

By amount

For your transfers you can choose the option of SMS confirmation code + signature key from a minimum amount

For example, if you set a minimum amount of €2,000, then for amounts higher than that we'll ask you for the SMS confirmation code + signature key. For lower amounts, only the SMS confirmation code.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Security Customization

The signature key, which has 8 alphanumerical positions, allows you to carry out transactions and arrange services by telephone.

If you choose to customize your security settings, we will ask you for random signature key positions apart from the SMS confirmation code. For security reasons, we'll never ask you for your full signature key, and you can change it at any time via web and app.

This code allows you to execute transactions and take out products by web and app.

It's a random, one-time-use code that we'll send you by SMS. This is the security setting you currently have to confirm these transactions.

You must have your mobile phone number updated so that you can receive these confirmation codes; you can edit it from the web and the app in your ’Personal Details' section.

If you forget your passcode, call us on 91 177 33 10 to ask for a new one. You will receive it in your home in a few days.

You can individually customize your settings for transfers, product purchases, account and receipt transactions, cards, loans and investments.

If you prefer, you can apply the same custom security settings to all your transactions in a single click.

When you are in the customer area, go to the 'Security and Passcodes' section of your profile to customize your security settings

In your transfers you can set a minimum amount starting from which we will ask you for your SMS confirmation code and your signature key.