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CASER Pet Insurance

Give your 4-legged friend the protection it deserves

Take it out by calling Caser
on 915 909 657

Don’t you want to protect your best friend? Find out more and take out your Pet Insurance by calling Caser directly on 915 909 657

All welcome

For dogs or cats of any breed and age

All in one

Veterinary assistance and third-party liability

More paws, lower price

Discount on the premium if more than one pet is insured

Non-stop saving

Services included and a discount at collaborating service centres

Peace of mind for everyone

  • No exclusions: Insure your dog or cat, regardless of its breed and age. Even dangerous breeds or those with health problems prior to taking out the policy. They just need to be chipped.
  • No waiting period: If necessary, you can use your insurance from day one.
  • And if you’ve got more than one pet, Caser offers a discount of up to 30% on the premium for insuring more than one.

Their paws are in good hands

  • Veterinary assistance: Free veterinary consultations, check-ups, 24-hour emergency service, specialist appointments, and annual rabies shots.
  • Third-party liability: Coverage of any damages caused by your pet to third parties, whether individuals, animals, or property, up to €180,000 and up to €600 in defence fees and bonds.
  • Service wherever you go: Caser offers more than 100 services with a discount of up to 40% on its fees at more than 320 approved clinics.

They deserve it all and more

  • Over-the-phone vet advice: Get answers to your questions and queries concerning your pet.
  • Need anything for your pet? With Caser Pet Insurance, you get guidance and help with services, events or companies related to your pets.

CASER Pet Insurance (CAJA DE SEGUROS REUNIDOS, Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A.).

This product can only be taken out through CASER. Openbank simply provides you with information. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to taking out this product, please contact CASER directly.