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Clear Filters

Security for you

All the security you expect from a leading-edge bank

Card Control

Have more control over your cards by turning them off and on temporarily as you wish.

You can choose in which countries you can use them and whether you want to limit their use at ATMs, shops or online purchases.


Keep your passwords and secret information in Openbank.

A secure way to store the information you want to protect, which only you can access.

The password for your social media, email, online TV, Wi-Fi, your favourite online store, and any other information important to you.


Apply your own security settings for web and app transactions.

Besides, for your transfers, you can add higher security starting from a minimum amount.

Gestión de dispositivos

Control when, and from what devices, you have logged into Openbank.

Check your login details: device, browser, location, date and session duration.

For security, you can also block the devices you have used to log in to your account.

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