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Openbank stands with Ukraine

Measures to support Ukrainian refugees

Ця інформація також доступна іншими мовами 

українською мовою

We're offering various products and services to help you manage your day-to-day finances.

Support measures for Ukrainian refugees

Accounts for Ukrainians

Open Current Account and Basic Payment Account

Two fee-free current accounts for Ukrainian citizens, both with NIE or proof of application in progress, and with Ukrainian passport or national ID.


Job search support

We want to help Ukrainian refugees find jobs by offering a combination of assistance, tools and the necessary support to help them join the workplace and navigate the mobility process.

You too can help!


Fee-free transfers throughout January 2023

We will refund issuance1 and currency conversion2 fees for all transfers sent from an Openbank account to accounts in Ukraine over the course of February 20233.

Donaciones Ucrania

Donations to Open Solidarity

Donate with a Solidarity Transfer to various NGOs to further their humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine.