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Fundación Vicente Ferrer


What does it do?

  • It is a foundation that helps to develop the poorest and most needy areas of India.
  • Its main objective is to reduce the social gap of the most vulnerable communities and those at risk of exclusion.
  • The foundation works to eradicate inequalities by helping the most disadvantaged people to get a firm footing in society and on the job market.

What countries does it work in?

  • Most of its activities are in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in south-eastern India.
  • It works in 3,662 villages in India.
  • The foundation has volunteers in Spain and India.

Other information of interest

  • It carries out projects in different areas of action: education, health, women, habitat, people with disabilities and ecology.
  • It has a large network of volunteers who, through activities in Spanish schools, fair trade markets or social initiatives, raise funds to reinvest in its projects in India.
  • The foundation helps more than 3.5 million socially excluded people.

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