This indicator corresponds to the Open Current Account and the Open Payroll Account.
This number is indicative of the product's risk, with 1/6 indicating the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.
Member Bank of Spain's Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit institutions. For cash deposits, the maximum guaranteed amount is up to €100,000 per depositor in each credit institution.

Bring your salary to Openbank and get €100!

Promotional code:


Promotion valid:

01/31/2023 - 03/30/2023

Reward date:

Within 2 months of meeting conditions

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What's the promotion?
Get €100 to when you set up a direct deposit in your new Open Payroll Account for your salary, pension or unemployment benefit of at least €900 per month(1).

Join the promotion between 1 February and 31 March 2023 (both inclusive).

How can you get your €100?
Just follow these simple steps:Find out more
When will you receive the €100?
You will get your €100 within two months of setting up the deposit for your salary, pension or unemployment benefit when you meet the minimum requirements.Find out more
If you're not a customer yet…
You can still take part!Find out more
What are the terms and conditions for taking part?
Make sure you join the promotion!Find out more
Please note that..
Payment of the incentive constitutes investment income in cash, subject to withholding tax at the current rate of 19%, which the Bank deducts from the customer, paying them the resulting net amount. Customers must declare the incentive received in the savings tax base of their personal income tax (IRPF) return. Customers are entitled to the deduction of the withholding tax applied.Find out more

1 To take part in the promotion, you must sign up before 31/03/23 and set up a direct deposit for your salary, pension or unemployment benefit of at least €900 between 01/02/23 and 30/04/23. Please note that you must pay your salary/pension/unemployment benefit into your account for at least 12 months after making the first deposit.