Legal Notice and Terms of Use of this Website


Open Bank, S.A. (hereinafter, "OPENBANK") with Spanish Tax ID no. A-28021079, registered at the Trade Registry of Madrid, Volume 5308, Folio 202, Sheet: M-87030, and at the Bank of Spain under registration number 0073, with registered office in Plaza de Santa Bárbara, nº 2, 28004, (Madrid), Spain, and contact email address OPENBANK provides internet users this website (hereinafter, the "Portal" or the "Website"). This Website has been created by OPENBANK to inform both customers and non-customers about its financial products and services.

In the public section of the Website, both customers and non-customers can obtain information, apply for and take out products and services provided by OPENBANK.

In the private section of the Website, customers may carry out all of the transactions related to OPENBANK products and services, as well as those relating to their personal data and communications, both for information and marketing purposes, and the products they have taken out. Access to and use of the Website is governed by these General Terms of Use, as well as by our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, which the user accepts and undertakes to abide by on accessing and/or using these services.

Access to this Website is voluntary and without cost to the user and those who access it are attributed the condition of "user", accepting these General Terms of Use by their mere presence on the website,, without prejudice to the specific terms that may be found therein and that take precedence over these terms. Therefore, they should be read carefully before carrying out any type of action.


Website/Portal: Pages hosted under the domain

User: This is any individual or legal entity that accesses or makes direct or indirect use of the Website, who, being bound by their mere access and use to these general terms of the service. They will be private users, companies, corporations, individuals or legal entities or any other entity (hereinafter referred to as "Persons") residing in Spain or accessing from Spain, and OPENBANK therefore does not accept any liability for the access of Persons in jurisdictions where such distribution or use may be contrary to the legislation or regulations.

Registered User: This is all persons duly registered on the website of

Customer User: the Registered User who proceeds to take out or engage an OPENBANK product and/or service on the Website. To take out or engage a product or service, it will be imperative for the user to accept the OPENBANK Privacy Policy, as well as the general terms and conditions of the specific product take out.

Product or service: any type of product and/or service offered through the Website that a duly registered User has the option of acquiring and/or using. The Website is free to access and free to visit for all internet users.


If, as a result of registration, the User is given a passcode to gain access, he or she undertakes to use it diligently and to keep it secret. The Registered User is solely responsible for the proper custody and strict confidentiality of any passcode, access data or any other element that is provided by OPENBANK, and undertakes not to transfer their use to third parties, whether temporarily or permanently.

The User will be responsible for any unlawful use of the services by illegitimate third parties using a passcode provided to the Registered User by OPENBANK. In addition, identification and authentication using a username and passcode means the Registered User is the owner of such username and passcode, and is solely responsible for the actions performed with and through access to the Website services.

It is the Registered User's strict obligation to immediately notify the managers of OPENBANK in writing, by sending an email to, of any event that allows or may allow misuse of passcodes and passwords, including, but not limited to, theft, loss or any other similar circumstance. If such events are not reliably reported in writing to OPENBANK under the aforementioned terms, OPENBANK shall be exempt of any liability that may arise from the improper, fraudulent, false or dishonest use of such passcodes and passwords.


OPENBANK makes available to the User, through the Website, products for sale, specific services, offers, promotions, etc.

To enable the taking out of products and/or access to services directly offered on the Website, the User must previously accept the Privacy Policy and the specific general terms of taken out the products or services.


OPENBANK reserves the right to withdraw or deny access to the Website, without prior notice, to those Users who do not comply with these General Terms of Use, or the specific terms indicated where appropriate.


Operation and process of taking out products and/or accessing services on the Website:

Users who access the Website and who want to register as a Customer for the first time ("New Customer(s)") must fill out the customer registration form as well as reliably identify themselves using the different alternatives offered by OPENBANK, electronically sign the OPENBANK Contract for the Provision of Services for Individuals and, once the electronic signing process has been completed, attach the additional documentation required to register, which is: the relevant identity document (Spanish ID card (DNI), Foreigners' ID card (NIE) and Residence Cards are accepted), as well as a document certifying the employment activity, where appropriate.

If Users who access the Website are already Customers, they can access the private area of the Website by identifying themselves with their DNI/NIE (supporting document) and their passcode. There, they will be able to see their products, carry out operations and transactions, and take out new products from OPENBANK’s catalogue.


Taking out and managing the following products:

  1. Deposit products: Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Payroll Accounts, and Fixed-term Deposits.
  2. Credit products: Mortgages, Loans, Overdraft Protection.
  3. Cards: debit, credit and prepaid cards.
  4. Investments: We sell products from third parties such as investment funds, pension plans, insurance, shares, ETFs (traded funds), warrants and futures.

Operations relating to the following services:

  1. Bank statements, third parties and supporting documents, including tax information.
  2. Balances and transactions of any product.
  3. Personal details.
  4. Passcodes.
  5. Trading service related to the broker.
  6. Customer alerts and notifications service.


In the event of inaccessibility, OPENBANK will carry out all actions to correct this, but does not guarantee the absence of errors or the absolute and continuous availability of the Website, which may be affected by maintenance and improvement work. OPENBANK expressly does not accept any liability due to errors or omissions in the information contained in the pages of this Website.

OPENBANK, to the extent permitted in the current legislation, is not responsible for damage that may be suffered by Users as a result of their access to or use of the Website, nor for damage that may be caused to the User's computer equipment or the files or data stored therein as a result of a virus or any type of malware, nor for the improper use of the computing device of the user or accessing the Website with inappropriate tools.

Users are fully responsible for their conduct on accessing the information on the Website during and after their browsing.

The User agrees not to use any of the content that OPENBANK puts at their disposal, whether or not produced by OPENBANK or published under its name, to carry out activities that infringe the law, morality or public order. Those who access the Website must observe the applicable legislation, ethical or behaviour codes that may be subscribed, and the general rules of use of the Website. According to these, they shall refrain from conducts that, without limitation:

(a) contravene, denigrate or threaten fundamental rights and constitutionally recognised public freedom, in international treaties and other legal systems;

(b) induce, incite or promote criminal, denigratory, defamatory, dishonourable, or violent actions or generally those against the law, morals and generally accepted good practices or public order;

(c) induce, incite or promote discriminatory actions, attitudes or ideas on the basis of gender, race, religion, belief, age or condition;

(d) incorporate criminal, violent, pornographic or degrading messages, or generally those against the law, morals and generally accepted good practices or public order;

(e) induce or may induce an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear;

(f) induce or incite to engage in practices that are dangerous, risky or harmful for health and psychological balance;

(g) are false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or extemporaneous, so that they may mislead about their subject or about the intentions or purposes of the communicating party;

(h) are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the User having previously obtained from their owners the necessary authorisation to carry out the use that he or she intends to make;

(i) violate the business secrets of third parties.

(j) is contrary to the right to honour, personal and family privacy or the image of persons.

(k) infringes the rules on secrecy of communications.

(l) constitutes unlawful, misleading or unfair advertising and, in general, constitutes unfair competition.

(m) cause, because of its characteristics (such as format, extension, etc.) difficulties in the normal operation of the service or fails to meet the technical requirements or specifications established for access to the Website, or that in any way may damage, disable or deteriorate the Website or its services or prevent normal enjoyment by other Users. The User shall be liable for any damages that OPENBANK may suffer as a consequence of the breaching of any of the obligations herein.

OPENBANK reserves the right to update contents when it deems convenient, as well as to delete them, limit them or prevent access to them, temporarily or permanently, as well as to refuse access to the website for users who misuse the contents and/or breach any of the terms and conditions listed in these Terms of Use, without this giving any right to compensation or restitution for the user who is denied access.

On this Website, the User may find links to other websites that are controlled by third parties. OPENBANK does not have the power to control the contents provided by other websites to which links are established on this Website. Therefore, OPENBANK does not assume any liability or responsibility for any aspect relating to these third-party websites to which it may be linked, nor does it guarantee that such links are free of viruses or other elements that may cause damage to the User's computer systems or files.

Any use of a link or access to a non-proprietary website is at the user's sole choice and risk. OPENBANK does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained by or through a link, nor is it liable for any losses, claims or damage arising from the use or misuse of a link, or of the information obtained through it, including other links or websites, for any interruption in the service or access, or for the attempt to use or misuse a link, both when accessing the website and when accessing information from other websites on this Website.

Nor does it assume any liability or responsibility for the contents of the third-party websites that may direct links to this Website or refer to it, that include opinions on the website that may mislead the users of said websites about OPENBANK services.


The entire Website is covered by national, EU and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. The User acknowledges and accepts that all trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs, as well as all the intellectual and industrial property rights on the contents and/or any other elements on the Website are the exclusive property of OPENBANK and/or third parties, who have the exclusive right to use them. In no case shall access to the Website imply any type of waiver, transfer, license or transfer all or part of such rights, unless expressly stated otherwise. All reproduction rights are reserved, including iconographic and photographic representations. The reproduction of all or part of the content of this Website in any media is strictly prohibited without the express written authorisation of OPENBANK.


The Terms of Use of the Open Bank, S.A., Website shall be governed by Spanish legislation and any legal dispute relating to it, regarding user access or use, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Spain. Where the corresponding legislation allows proceedings or disputes, relating to access or use of this Website, to be voluntarily subject to a specific jurisdiction, they shall be brought or heard in the courts and tribunals of Madrid, and any other applicable jurisdiction shall be expressly waived.

Furthermore, consumers and users may access the online dispute resolution platform of the European Union via this link.


OPENBANK reserves the right to make the amendments it deems necessary on the Website, as well as update the information contained therein, and the configuration, presentation and access conditions, without the need for prior notification.

Access to or use of the Website following updates to these Terms of Use is understood as acceptance of the updated version thereof. Users who do not accept these Terms of Use or their subsequent updates cannot access or use the Website.

Your website browser may generate a copy of this page in the cache so that when you access it again the pages displayed by your browser do not correspond to the most current ones but instead to those stored in the cache. In order to avoid these problems, we recommend that you update the Website from the browser when accessing OPENBANK.


These general terms of use apply to your use of the Website. By accessing and browsing through the Website, the User accepts that OPENBANK is responsible for the processing, collection, treatment and use of their personal data to which we have access as a result of their use of the Website, or that you, as a User, provide us, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and for the purposes of managing the correct functioning of the Website and offering you our products and services. Please read our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy carefully in order to be better informed about the personal data that will be collected and processed, as well as the purpose of this processing and the rights corresponding to you as an interested party, and the way in which you may exercise your rights, where necessary.

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