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The risk indicator corresponds to all Openbank accounts and deposits. The liquidity alert applies only to deposits.
This number is indicative of the product's risk, with 1/6 indicating the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.
Member Bank of Spain's Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. For cash deposits, the maximum guaranteed amount is €100,000 per depositor in each credit institution.
Liquidity Alert:
The redemption, withdrawal from the deposit, or early cancellation of all or part of the principal invested are subject to fees or penalties.

Want to save?

Savings options

6-Month Open Deposit

Earn interest on your money at up to 3.07% APR3 and 3.05% NIR when you increase your balance and arrange for your salary or monthly income to be paid directly into Openbank4.

Welcome Savings Account

Earn interest at 1.76% APR1 and 1.75% annual NIR for the first 12 months on any balance of up to €100,000. Plus, you can withdraw your money whenever you want2.

Thinking of investing?

Put your plan for the future and your investments into action.

Robo-advisor: Automated Investment Service
Robo-advisor: Automated Investment Service

Our experts get to work for you, investing in fund portfolios with the advisory services of BlackRock®, the world's largest asset manager5, and Santander Asset Management.

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions to determine your investor profile and choose the strategy that best reflects your needs.

You can get started with an initial investment of at least €500, and you can withdraw your money whenever you want.


3 ways to invest with Openbank
3 ways to invest with Openbank
  1. Already know which fund you want? Use our Fund Finder tool to choose from over 3,000 funds and start investing from just €13.
  2. Not sure which fund is right for you? Build your portfolio with 5 predefined asset allocation models that you can replicate or adapt to your liking.
  3. Want us to invest for you? Put your money to work with our robo-advisor automated investment service, with an initial investment of €500.

Interest for the first year. Monthly interest settlement.

Representative example of interest earned with a balance of €25,000 held for 12 months at 1.76% APR and 1.75% annual NIR = gross annual interest of €437.50. Please note that the APR will vary after the first 12 months. For further details, read the pre-contractual information available at

No fees for maintaining, admini, administration and closingcomisiones de mantenimiento, administración y cancelación.

Representative example of interest paid at the end of the term for the 6-Month Open Deposit with a balance of €25,000:
(i) if all conditions are met, 3.07% APR and 3.05% annual NIR will be applied, and the gross interest would be €381.25; (ii) if a direct deposit for your salary, pension, unemployment benefit or other type of monthly income of at least €600 (the income must come from another bank) is not set up for at least 4 months, 2.01% APR and 2% annual NIR will be applied, and the gross interest would be €250; (iii) in both cases, if you fail to comply with the 6-month term and only hold the balance for 3 months, 0.20% APR and annual NIR will be applied, and the gross interest would be €12.50.

Offer valid until 19 November 2023

Source: Morningstar, 2023

The risk rating and information for each of the investment funds marketed by Open Bank, S.A., are set out in the prospectus or Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for each one of the investment funds, available at and

Account services and security

Card Control

Card Control

Turn your Openbank cards on and off with just one click.

Password Manager

Password Manager Databank

A secure way to store the information you want to protect, which only you can access.

    Expense Categorisation

    Expense Categorisation

    Manage and monitor your spending in a simple and efficient way.

      Device management

      Device Management

      Keep track of when, and from which devices, you have logged in to Openbank.

      Security Customisation

      Security Customisation

      Apply your preferred settings to adjust the security level when confirming your transactions on the website and app.

        Openbanking® Financial Aggregator

        Openbanking® Financial Aggregator

        Check all your bank accounts at a glance.

          Open an account in just three steps, no matter where you are

          Fill out your details
          Fill out your details
          To open an account, we need to know a few things about you. Fill out the online form and choose your passcode. Have your DNI or NIE at hand.
          Verify your identity
          Verify your identity
          From the comfort of your own home. By video identification or bank transfer.
          Sign electronically
          Sign electronically
          We will send you an SMS text with a security code to access your contract so that you can sign it online.

          Want to report a breach of the General Code of Conduct or the Openbank Corporate Principles? Let us know through Canal Abierto (Open Channel), our whistleblowing channel.

          If your query is associated with any of our products or services, don't forget to send us your suggestion to: