Device management

Device management

More security, more control

Stay up to speed on all the devices you use to log in to Openbank. Our device management tool allows you to control and even block logins to your account.

See at a glance how you logged in to Openbank

Check the devices you've used to log in to the Customer Area on the website, app or financial aggregators.

If there is a device with an active session, you can close it with a single click.

Choose a name for each device that's easy to identify. For example: 'Home computer'; 'Work mobile'.

More control: block and hide

You can block devices that you've used to log in to your account.

Unblock them online at any time.

You can also hide devices that you don't use regularly. Don't worry, you can display them again whenever you want. Plus, if you use them to log in again, they will automatically be added to your list of last logins.

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