Device access control
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Device management

Control where and how you've accessed your account

Greater security and control in your logins

  • Check the details of your logins over the last 30 days.
  • Control devices, browser, location, date and duration of the session.
  • Customise each device’s name so it is easy to identify.
  • Block and hide as many devices as you want at any time.

Greater security and control in your logins

See at a glance how you logged in to Openbank

Check the devices you have used to access your customer area with from the web, app or your financial aggregators.

If there is a device with an open session, you can close it with a single click.

Customise the name of each devices so they are easy to identify. For example: 'Home computer', 'Work mobile'.

More control: block and hide

You can block the devices you've used to access your account.

Unlock them online at any time.

You can also hide devices you don't normally use, you can always display them later. And if you log in again, they will automatically reappear at your last login so you can keep track of your actions.

Frequently asked questions

When you block a device, you won't be able to log in to it until you unlock it again from your customer area.

You can block and unlock your devices as many times as you need.

Yes. For example, you can access your customer area from your laptop and log in to the app from your mobile at the same time.

If you don't recognise a device when you check your last logins, block them immediately for your security. We also recommend that you change your passwords from time to time.

You can let us know by email at or call us on +34 91 177 33 10.

Devices are blocked or hidden immediately.