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Help Ukraine


Donate to UNHCR, Red Cross, Save the Children, Action against Hunger, Doctors of the World, Entreculturas, World Vision, and Educo to further their
humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine

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They are offering humanitarian aid to Ukranians who have been forced to flee the country in search of safety and protection1.

Cruz Roja

Red Cross

They are providing assistance to people who have been impacted most by the Ukranian conflict, supplying food, water, healthcare, heating and electricity, as well as social services and education2.

Save The Children

Save the Children

They are providing psychological and humanitarian aid to children and family members who have been affected by the latest attacks in the country3.

Acción contra el Hambre

Action against Hunger

They strive to provide access to hot food, hygiene, safe drinking water and basic services to Ukranians who have had to flee their homes4.

Médicos del Mundo

Doctors of the World

They are assisting in Ukraine ensuring the population has access to healthcare by providing primary care, mental health services and medication5.

World Vision

World Vision

They are supplying emergency kits, providing educational assistance and offering psychosocial care to vulnerable children and their families who have been forced to flee their homes.6.



They are supplying food, medication and other basic items. They are also offering psychosocial care to children impacted by the conflict7.



They are offering care, shelter and support to the refugee population in countries bordering Ukraine. The number of displaced Ukrainians as a result of the war has already reached 1 million, with many more expected to follow8.