How to apply for a mortgage to buy your home

Learn about the mortgage application process, step by step

Calculate your monthly mortgage repayments

Tell us more about your home
Enter the basic property details in the relevant mortgage calculator fields: is the property a new-build or pre-owned? Where is it located? What’s the purchase price? How much money do you need to borrow? etc.
Pay less each month
Pay less each month
Improve the interest rate by meeting the discount criteria*: setting up a direct deposit for your salary/pension, taking out home and/or life insurance through Openbank** and getting your electricity and gas through Repsol.
And that's it!
And that's it!
Following the calculation, find out straight away if your mortgage has been pre-approved! We will also email you a personalised pre-approval letter.

Let’s get to know each other better

Access your application at any time through the Customer Area on the Openbank website using the code received by SMS. Confirm your details and attach the following documentation:

  • Image of both sides of your DNI (National ID document), if you are not an Openbank customer.
  • Most recent statement of any loans or mortgages you have at other banks.
If you are employed
You need to submit:
  • Personal income tax (IRPF) return for the previous tax year.
  • Your two most recent payslips and bank slips showing that they were deposited in your account. If you changed job in the last year, you will need to provide your employment contract or (if this is not possible) your six most recent payslips and the bank slips showing that the last three were deposited in your account.
  • Employment history report. Apply for this online via the Social Security website.
If you are self-employed
You need to submit:Find out more
If you are a pensioner
You need to submit:Find out more

Now, let’s find out more about your future home

You must request the land registry certificate and the official valuation of your future home to continue the mortgage application.

Land registry certificate

This is used to find out more about your future home: description, location, current owners, encumbrances (for example, a previous mortgage), etc.

This copy of the land registry certificate must be less than three months old. If you don’t have a copy, Openbank can provide you with a personal mortgage advisor to help you request the land registry extract for the property.


This indicates the value of the property, which allows financial institutions to determine the maximum loan amount***.

You can provide a valuation as part of your mortgage application when this information is less than six months old. You can also request it with the help of an Openbank personal mortgage advisor.

Now you know how to apply for a mortgage, it’s time to start dreaming of your new home!

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