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Income Protection

income protection insurance

If you stop, your income won't. Plus, now your third monthly premium is free1!

Insure your income now

Take out your Income Protection Insurance directly from the AIG* website or call them on 91 492 59 14.
*This link redirects you to the AIG website, so you’ll be leaving the Openbank page.

For sick leave

Guarantee your monthly income in the event of temporary disability or hospitalisation due to accident or illness2.

You set the amount

Choose the monthly amount you would like to receive for up to 1 year in the event of accident or illness2.

Wherever you go

You are covered worldwide.

Up to €60,000

Get up to €60,000 compensation in the event of death or total disability due to an accident.

Your sick leave pay, guaranteed

  • Guarantee your monthly income in the event of accident or illness2.
  • Choose the amount you want to receive each month for as long as you are unable to work2.

Insurance for all

  • If you are self-employed, you can make sure you will have the necessary income to cover your expenses.
  • If you have an indefinite contract, you will receive monthly compensation to supplement your income.

Extend your coverage

If you want, you can extend the coverage for the following services:

  • In the event of permanent or total disability as a result of an accident, you will receive compensation2.
  • In the event of hospitalisation due to accident or illness, you can be paid an amount to cover the expenses2.
  • What’s more, the third monthly premium is free if you take out insurance before 31 March 20231.