Goal-based investing

What are you aiming for? Enter your goal amount and our robo-advisor service will help you achieve it

Achieve your goal
Achieve your goal
Our robo-advisor automated investment service works to achieve your goals with the strategy that best suits your investment profile.
Invest at your pace
Invest at your pace
Start investing from €500 and make subsequent regular or one-off contributions from as little as €11 to achieve your goal.
We invest for you
We invest for you
Let Openbank manage your money and forget about having to adjust your portfolio to market situations – we’ll take care of that for you.
The best professionals
The best professionals
The Openbank Investment Committee is advised by BlackRock and harnesses the extensive management experience of Santander Asset Management.
What is goal-based investing?
Goal-based investing is a discretionary portfolio management service in which you combine your investment with a specific goal that you want to achieve. Through this service, you can track your investment and see all the relevant details and likelihood of achieving your goal in the timeframe set. The service is designed for a medium- to long-term investment horizon.

Start investing from €500 and make subsequent regular contributions from as little as €1. As such, you can establish your medium- to long-term investment plan and see how much money you should ideally allocate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis2 to achieve your goal, whether it be your children’s university studies or that dream trip that’s on the horizon.

What can we invest for you?
The products we use in our robo-advisor automated investment service are investment funds. These may be passively or actively managed funds of the world's leading fund managers.Find out more

Invest in 3 simple steps

Choose a goal
Choose a goal
If you're already a customer, just answer a few short questions to identify the best investment strategies to help you achieve your goal.
We manage your investment
We manage your investment
Based on the strategy and goal you have chosen, our robo-advisor automated investment service gets to work automatically.
That’s it!
That’s it!
You can track the progress of your goal on the website or app at any time. You can also make or schedule contributions to help you achieve it. Let’s go for it!

Choose your investment goal

Choose a goal and start investing

All investments carry some level of risk, including the lack of return and/or loss of principal invested. The value of the investment is subject to market fluctuations and past performance is no guarantee of future results.

See robo-advisor results

Check out the performance of our robo-advisor automated investment tool managed by our Investment Committee with advice from BlackRock and Santander Asset Management. Achieve your investment goal based on the performance of your strategy in this tool.

1 Please note that the order is carried out when the contributions amount to at least €10.

2 Open Bank, S.A., does not guarantee that goals will be achieved, as they are subject to the conditions of the investment made and the performance of the markets.

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