We're writing the code for the future of finance?

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What is the future of banking?

We're building it at Openbank, so we're on the lookout for top talent.

We're a young, international team following agile methodology with the latest technology in cloud-native, multi-country and scalable projects that always keep us on our toes.

Powering the next generation of banks
Open Digital Services

Open Digital Services is Openbank's technology platform that is powering the next generation of banks and fintechs.

We provide cloud-native software solutions to the financial sector, enabling companies to be more efficient and offer their customers an optimised user experience.

A bit more about us

Here, there and everywhere
Here, there and everywhere
Young team from more than 40 different countries.
Bigger and better
Bigger and better
We're a 1,000-strong team that's only getting bigger.
Remote and in-office
Remote and in-office
Choose between 100% remote working or a hybrid model from our offices.
Start-up mindset with the backing of the Santander Group.

Women in tech

At Openbank, we want to boost the presence of women in tech and web development, so we've teamed up with Adalab and Ironhack, and we've also launched an internal club for women in tech, Wo-Tech.

Want to start from scratch? Check out our reskilling programmes to take your career in a new direction. Plus, there's no need for previous experience.

Where are we?

Dream team!


Fátima Garcia Corrochano

iOS Developer

“I’m motivated by the opportunity to make a difference with an app used by thousands of people, and by the opportunity to constantly learn from the team.”


Luis Campoy

Core Banking Developer

“I’ve been lucky enough to meet some bonafide software geniuses here and I thrive in a work environment with such good vibes.”

Ainara Revuelta

Ainara Revuelta

Big Data Engineer

“Openbank offers a laid-back work environment, plus getting the chance to work in the different hubs is a major pro.”

Rodrigo de Blas

Rodrigo de Blas

Android Developer

“I came on board wanting to be part of a major bank and I stayed because of the team and relaxed work environment. We can even have an afterwork beer in the office!”

Do you thrive on challenges?

If you want to write the coding of the future and work with the best of the best in the tech sector, then you're exactly what we're looking for!