Solidarity Transfer

Send your support instantly

Choose an NGO

Choose an NGO

Simply choose an NGO and enter the amount you want to donate
Schedule your donation

Schedule your donation

You can make one-off or periodic solidarity transfers
Fee-free transfers

Instant and fee-free

Solidarity transfers in euros within the EU are free of charge
Tax deductions

You can deduct some donations on your tax return

Up to 80% of the first €150 donated and 35% of donations over €150

Choose an NGO

You can choose from over 40 NGOs available in Open Solidarity.

These NGOs work in different areas: supporting children, disease research, fighting poverty, supporting regions in conflict, etc.

Choose the amount

You can also choose whether to make one-off or periodic donations.Find out more

Make the most of tax benefits

You can deduct some of your donations on your tax return.Find out more
Spenden leicht gemacht!

With the Solidarity Card, every purchase helps!

Every time you pay with the Solidarity Card, purchases are rounded up to the nearest euro and the difference is donated fee-free to the NGO of your choice.

Open an account in just three steps, no matter where you are

Fill out your details
Fill out your details
To open an account, we need to know a few things about you. Fill out the online form and choose your passcode. Have your DNI or NIE at hand.
Verify your identity
Verify your identity
From the comfort of your own home. By video identification or using the number of your account at another bank.
Sign electronically
Sign electronically
We will send you an SMS text with a security code to access your contract so that you can sign it online.

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