Password Manager Databank
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Password Manager Databank

Keep your passwords safe at Openbank

A safe place where only you can access

  • Keep all your passwords, data or other information; paper notes and unprotected applications will be a thing of the past.
  • Create your master key: only you can use it to access your secret information.
  • If you forget your master key, we won’t be able to retrieve it, for security reasons.
Keep your passwords safe in your Openbank App

What do you want to keep?

The passwords to your social media, email, online TV, Wi-Fi, your favourite online store, all your apps, and any other data or information you wish to protect.

View and edit all your secret information from the Openbank App or website at any time.

A secure space

Create your master key and, if you want, you can save a hint to help you remember it, as only you will know this key.

Your secrets are protected, if you forget your master key, no one, not even Openbank, will be able to access this information.

Wherever you are, for free

Password Manager Databank is available on your Openbank App or website so you can access your secret information anywhere and whenever you need it.

Besides, this service is completely free for Openbank customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Password Manager Databank

First create a master key for this safe place. It's important that you remember this key as we cannot retrieve it for you, and if you forget it, you won't be able to access this information again.

To keep your secret information, write a name or title, for example ‘Online TV’, and then enter your username, password, and any information you want to protect.

Apart from your passwords, any information you want to keep and protect in a safe place.

For example, your card number, your mobile phone PIN and PUK, the serial number of any of your devices or any information you need to have in a safe place.

Log in to your Openbank App or website, click on ‘Password Manager Databank’ and then enter your master key. For security reasons, you will need to enter your master key each time you sign in to Password Manager

When you create your master key you can save a hint that will help you remember it.

If you forget your master key, we won't be able to retrieve it and the information will remain inaccessible, even to Openbank (this is with your security in mind).

You can continue using Password Manager Databank, creating a new place and saving your data and information again.

This service is available free of charge to Openbank customers.

No, only you have access to the passwords and secrets you have stored in this secure place. You must remember this passcode, if you forget it, you will not be able to access this information.