Openbank gives 1% cashback on fund subscriptions and transfers


Openbank, the 100% digital bank of the Santander Group, is offering up to €1,000 to customers and other investors who subscribe, transfer or make new contributions to any of the investment funds marketed by the bank.

The Openbank open architecture system allows customers to choose from over 3,000 funds and over 130 asset managers, giving customers direct access to the world’s most prestigious investment firms through their Openbank account.

To benefit from the 1% promotion, users need to sign up to the campaign using the code FONDOS1 before 30 September (inclusive) and make a new investment, an additional subscription to their existing fund portfolio, a transfer, or switch their fund distributor to Openbank (for a value of at least €500 euros) before 31 October 2022. On depositing the amount, customers will receive the corresponding 1% in their current account during the second half of November, provided they maintain this balance for at least 12 months after the payment.

The bank has expanded its range of index and actively managed funds in recent months, in order to offer customers a more diverse portfolio. The platform also allows investors to ask call centre investment specialists to add their preferred funds to the products available.

Openbank allows its customers to invest as little as €1 in a range of funds, with no previous expertise required. Customers can also access a range of index and actively managed funds, providing examples they can copy or adapt to suit their preferences.

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