Openbank offers customers €50 to sign up to its robo-advisor


Openbank, the 100% digital bank of Grupo Santander, has launched two campaigns for customers and new users to promote its automated investment service. Over the last three years, the service’s five strategies have generated positive results, accumulating returns close to or greater than 30% for the three most dynamic profiles.

With its first promotional campaign, the bank is rewarding customers and non-customers who sign up to the automated investment service with €50. To apply for this promotion, users must enter the code ROBO2021 on the bank's website or app by 28 February and make a minimum investment of €3,000 before 31 March. Once the deposit has been made and the conditions have been met, the customer will receive the incentive in their Discretionary Management Account in the second half of April 2022.

In addition, the bank is also offering up to €500 to each user who recommends robo-advisor to their friends (€50 for each friend who signs up before 28 February). New customers must join the promotion, sign up to the service before 31 March with a minimum investment of €3,000 and maintain the agreement for a minimum of 12 months from the payment date with at least €1,500 invested. The amount will be paid the month after the new users have met the conditions.

The automated investment service (robo-advisor) offers any user the possibility of diversifying their savings and investing under the guidance of the Openbank Investment Committee (advised by BlackRock and Santander Asset Management) starting from a minimum amount of €500.

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