Openbank launches basic payment account for Ukrainian refugees


Openbank, the 100% digital bank of the Santander Group, has launched a basic payment account for all Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to flee their country in wake of the conflict unfolding in recent weeks.

This non-interest-bearing account will be available in all European countries where the bank operates and offers free day-to-day banking for Ukrainians, including deposits, cash withdrawals at Santander ATMs, and transfers, as well as a free debit card.

The basic payment account can be opened by contacting the Openbank call centre on 91 270 57 01 or by stopping by the bank's two branches in Spain and providing a Ukrainian ID or passport.

Throughout the month of March, Openbank will not charge any of the fees applicable to transfers sent to Ukraine from any European country. The bank is also offering its customers the possibility to make donations through its charity marketplace to organisations providing humanitarian aid in the country including Red Cross, UNHCR, Doctors of the World, Action Against Hunger and Save the Children.

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