Openbank offers no interest financing over one month on all its cards


Openbank, the digital bank of Grupo Santander, now allows its customers to finance any credit card payment for one month interest-free. This ‘buy now, pay later’ option applies to all purchases over €30, including purchases made up to three months before the current date.

This means any Openbank credit card holder can finance a transaction carried out two months ago and receive an immediate refund for it into their account. They can then pay for the transaction one month later, interest-free. Customers can also finance direct debits, transfers and debit card transactions associated with their current account.

This option gives customers the flexibility to choose the best payment method for them and it includes the usual features of all the bank’s credit cards, allowing customers to finance purchases for up to 36 months with an applicable interest rate starting at 9.57% NIR (10% APR) or to settle their purchase payments after one month.

In recent months, Openbank has expanded its credit card range with the launch of its Я42 Travel Card, which includes travel benefits customers can switch on and off as needed. These include fee-free cash withdrawals, insurance that provides assistance abroad and zero fees for non-euro payments. The bank has also recently launched the Reading Club Card by Vanity Fair, with discounts at selected bookshops and establishments, and the El Hormiguero Credit Card. All these products are available to both customers and non-customers.

Openbank continues to build its Digital Consumer Bank business strategy (combining the strengths of Openbank and Santander Consumer Finance) in the ‘buy now, pay later’ segment. In January, the bank launched Zinia, its online consumer lending platform. This service already serves over two million customers in Germany and is expanding into the markets where Grupo Santander operates.


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